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Raw Food Retreat

One Week Raw with Paul Nison and Family
Two Options Below to Choose:

Option A
Go raw for one week with Paul Nison and his family in sunny, West Palm Beach, Florida.
You will have the opportunity to visit alone, with your spouse, family or friends and together you will learn how easy it is to make positive changes regarding your diet and lifestyle.

One Week Raw includes:
-A master bedroom with  an in-suite bathroom
-Television, internet, heated pool, mini golf, gym, nearby walking trails
-The kitchen includes raw food appliances, vita-mix blender, food processor, etc.
-1-hour consultation with Paul
-Spend some time with us and see how we enjoy our healthy lifestyle (limited, we will be around each day but you will mostly be on your own to enjoy all the activities)
-We will inform you of the best places to go and see in the South Florida area
***On this vacation you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself.

Option B
One Week Raw Extravaganza with Paul Nison and Family.
With this option you will receive all of the joyful pleasures of Option A plus so much more. In addition to Option A, you will have the opportunity to take your knowledge of the raw food diet and lifestyle to the next level and have fun while doing it.
One Week Raw Extravaganza includes:
-1-hour consultation with Paul
-Grocery shopping with Paul and how to do it on a budget
-Raw food demonstrations
-Hands-on time in the kitchen, making delicious and easy raw recipes and juicing
-Learn about different raw food appliances and what you really need
-Fun and easy ways to exercise
-Excursions to local raw businesses, which can include Hippocrates Health Institute and other local raw/vegan restaurants, markets, etc.
-Excursions to local tropical fruit farms, beach, and downtown West Palm Beach
-Venture out to pick fruit right off the tree when in season

We have 1 queen bed, 1 twin bed, 1 couch and one double size air mattress.

Things you should know before considering to come

– This is a vacation not a detoxification retreat, although you may experience positive changes to your health. We do not attempt to heal disease.
-We model our lives as close to possible to the principles found in the Bible. We request anyone staying at our retreat do the same while you are here. We respect that each person has a different level of understanding of the Scriptures, but feel this is not an excuse to live an immoral lifestyle.
-When you come here, if you are single or married we want you to know this is a modest, safe, humble family-type atmosphere. If you are looking for a wild, party place, this retreat is not for you. No smoking, illegal drugs or alcohol is permitted.
-Please fill out an application if you would like to be accepted. We have the right to accept or reject anyone applying and will let you know as soon as possible if we have the space and dates you requested and have been approved. If you are not approved, we do not have to give you a reason why we feel our little retreat would not be best for you. It is not a personal matter but we want to make sure that you will be very comfortable and will enjoy your stay. If you are not accepted, it would be for your best interest and we will happily suggest another raw food health center more suitable for you.

We are a small, personal ministry and want to bless you with what we have learned and been given. With prayer and blessings we would like to expand to a bigger place in the future that won’t be so intimate so we can invite more people to join us at the same time.

On the other hand, please take pleasure knowing this is a special opportunity to get to know us on a more personal level. We are not just looking for people to join our retreat, we are looking to make great friends.

Cost for option A is $600.00 per week

Cost for option B is $2,000.00 per week

Contact me to reserve your spot for the retreat!

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Thank you for considering our retreat. I pray you are having a healthy joyful day and a great raw life!

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