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The links below are web sites that I endorse because they are based on my philosophy and I have found them to be excellent sources of information.

Featured Links
The best website on the web for raw food snacks, juicers, appliances, natural beauty products, rebounders, supplements, and health books about all topics including The Raw Food Diet.
See all Paul’s health videos about the raw food diet, plus many more health teachings from a bible viewpoint. This is a member site with free options and many coupons to Paul’s products.
Paul Nison Fan Page on Facebook.

Raw Food Diet Get all your raw supplies here. Low Prices! My wife Andrea’s blog about family and healthy kids. Great Raw food bulliten board.

Bible Health Paul Nison Teaching Health According to The Scriptures. Facebook group about the The Bible Diet and Health.

Overcoming Cancer and Disease Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Surviving your illness. Dr. Schandl Blood Testing. Highly suggested and very helpful.

Healing Centers Healing Spa in WPB, Florida. Ann Wigmore health program in Lansing, Michigan. Dr. Ann Wigmore official center in Puerto Rico.

Foraging and Wild Foods Learn all about Foraging for wild foods.

Modest Living Modest advice for a modest life. Miss Jocelyn encourages ladies in a Scriptural-worldvie
More Health Links ABC Homeopathy Chet Day Cure Zone Earth Clinic
Google Raw Food Diet Healing Daily Home Remedies
www.lef.orgLEF Mercola My H ome Remedies Natural News Prevention Raw Foods Weston Price Foundation


Bible Health-Here are some wonderful sites that talk about the health message found in the Scriptures or healthy believers to connect with. Facebook group about the The Bible Diet and Health.

Modest Clothing websites Great modest clothing site for woman.; More low coast modest clothing for woman. A genuine alternative to today’s extreme fashions. Modest clothing site for woman. Modest clothing for the modern lifestyle. Modest clothing site for girls and boys. Modest custom clothing for you and your family. A wide selection of head coverings. Modest clothing by modest Gurlz. A selection of distinctive hair coverings. Set apart garments of righteousness.

Social Networks for Believers of Yahweh A great place to find other believers of Yahweh and to fellowship. The Messianic Israel Alliance, a gathering place for believers. Visit Torah Life Ministries on Facebook Visit Torah Life Ministries on Myspace

These are my favorite live radio or audio sites that teach or have music about Yahweh and the Scriptures. Messianic Lifestyle Directory Lamb Radio Hebrew Nation Radio
Pastor Roberts teaching the message of Yahweh. Powerful! Wonderful word. 200+ original scripture songs and readings True name Hebraic Yisrael praise and worship music. Great teachings about messianic scriptures

If you are looking for Video’s about the Scriptures these sites are excellent God’s Learning Channel, the best T.V. station in the world! Messianic TV and radio 24/7 from Israel A big selection of messianic video’s and audio’s A messianic TV channel. LIve Stream viewing 

The Scriptures: These links below teach important information about the Bible and all things Spiritual, teaching hebrew roots and more. This is a good site with a lot of info about the Scriptures and the truth. Tons of articles and good info about the Scriptures. Teaching secrets of Healing from Torah. Wonderful articles that teach about health from the Torah. Messianic Lifestyle Directory Over 1500 Bible commentary essays, articles and books.

Great sites that expose man-made doctrines of modern Christianity. Visit to learn about the truth with so much helpful eye opening information. Very informative site to help understand how man has messed with Yahweh’s word.

E-Bibles & Reference
Strong’s Concordance
Easton’s Bible Dictionary

Weekly Parashah (Torah Readings) Links: Mike Clayton’s weekly Messianic Torah Video’s Each Sabbath, they have a paltalk room teaching and discussion.; A wonderful traditional Jewish website with news, resources weekly torah readings. Another traditional Jewish website with good weekly torah readings.

Messianic Bible Teachers and Friends Bill Cloud Brad Scott Rico Cortes Michael Clayton Scot Dryer Norman Willis Eddie Chumney Jim Staley Monte Judah Michael Rood Richard Rives

Messianic and health informative sites and blogs Pam Staley’s website, news, health and excellent resources.

Great blog sites from woman of Yahweh. Excellent words of encouragement for family, woman and all! My wife Andrea’s blog about family and healthy kids Miss Jocelyn encourages ladies in a Scriptural-worldview A daughter of YHWH writing about her spiritual journey.

Messianic Resources Messianic worship music by Lenny and Varda. Messianic and worship music by Brenda Wheeler. Messianic and worship music by Kelly Ferrari and door keeper ministries.

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